Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cupla pics

Here we are in DC after hitting the Natural History and Air and Space Museums. My back is to the Capital and the Smithsonian "castle;" you can see the Washington monument behind the wife.

If you zoom in on the pics you can see how tired the kids were. I really wanted to press on and see the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korea and WWII memorials. Well, it just wasn't in us. We crossed to the Washington Monument but didn't get any further than that. It was back to the Metro and to the hotel from there.

We HAD spent seven or eight hours in the two museums, so I can't blame the kids. They were worn out. It had been a full day. I just don't feel right unless I get to see Lincoln and the Vietnam Memorial when I'm there.

So, after we left DC we stopped at the cavern I mention below and this is the cavern's claim to fame -- anthodite. It's almost coral looking. Really cool stuff.

Of course they had the normal cavern stuff and reflecting pools are always neat looking.

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