Monday, January 11, 2010


Man, I missed this show!

I was wondering how they were going to handle Chuck's new intersect "powers," and it went down kind of like I thought it would. They still have to play up his general ineptitude, which is kind of a bummer but ultimately makes him more endearing.

I was glad to see Morgan come back, though it's a shame he didn't succeed in his culinary career.

After months of following Adam Baldwin's tweets, it's great to see him back in action as well.

Should be exciting to see where they take the show this season.


Rob said...

Yes, I missed Chuck, too. Didn't really need two episodes last night and one tonight, though. Looks like they're rushing it for some reason. The show is still great. Kinda surprised to see a character, even one that unlikeable, get killed. Kinda liked Anna, though. I suppose she's gone.

Cullen said...

I'm not upset to have so much Chuck.

The show originally wasn't supposed to come back for another month or so. They brought it in early, and, from what I understand, called up more episodes. That would be fantastic.