Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed in? Smoked in.

So, we got a lot of snow and ice in Memphis this weekend. Pretty nasty for this area, really. Thickest ice I've encountered in years.

So, of course I did what anyone who doesn't want to leave their house would do, got the smoker going.

We have some friends who raise their own cattle. Completely grass fed. They sell what they don't eat and we get a pretty good deal on it. Before this, we'd used some of the ground beef and I've grilled some steaks, but this was the first low and slow smoke.

The meat came out quite well. The problem with the roast is that they dry out so quickly after slicing. I made a simple sauce with the drippings from the roasts and it helps. They were great for dinner and made a good sandwich the following day.

Then the ice started melting and I started craving something else. The roasts were good, but they just weren't ribs. So today I ran out and picked up some spares. My goodness these things were dinosaurs - they were huge!

All in all a great cooking weekend. Hope you all had a great one as well.


Kate P said...

You know what? My sister got 7" of snow in D.C., and she was complaining to my mom that because they underestimated the amount in the forecasts, she didn't get any "good snacks" to have in the house. Maybe I'll have to give her a smoker for her birthday.

Cullen said...

It's never a bad gift, Kate.