Thursday, January 14, 2010

What to smoke

I've got one of these being delivered soon. I'm really looking forward to some low and slow smoking on this thing.

I wonder what to inaugurate this thing with? I was thinking about going with the bacon explosion. However, I've done a bit of research and at sites other than the one linked here, most people have had poor luck in making this recipe. Most have complained that the exterior bacon just will not cook properly at 225 degrees. The outside might get a little done, but the underside remains raw. I've seen some workarounds, but now I'm wondering if I even want to go there.

So, my options are open. I've done a couple of big batches of ribs lately. I'm not terribly interested in doing any more right now. I'm thinking about tackling another brisket - getting a nice 14-16 lb. full packer and bringing the smoker to life right.

Any suggestions?


Mr. Bingley said...

the easiest thing to do off the bat is a butt. now, one thing to keep in mind is that it will run a little hot for the first few cooks until you get the insides gunked up a bit.

you'll love the new toy!

Ken Socrates said...

The fact that I clicked the first link expecting to see a truly monserous custom made bong probably says more about my own issues than anything.

Cullen said...

Bing: Yeah, I thought about getting a whole shoulder. My local butcher sells them for an unbelievably good price ($0.99/lb.). But I'm still leaning toward the beef.

Ken: I wouldn't have expected you to expect anything else.

Rob said...

I'd start smaller like a couple of chickens or a turkey. Hard to mess up and inexpensive if you do. Like Mr B says, it takes a while to cure. Some of that "new" smell will be in your meat the first time.

Cullen said...

I don't know that WSMs have the "new smell" issues with these long cooks, but I do like your chicken suggestion. It's been a very long time since I last cooked any yardbird and I just whipped up a sauce recipe that's screaming for poultry.

I might do chicken and a beef roast of some kind. I still have half a pork butt stashed in my freezer from Thanksgiving.