Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Home insecurity

Living in Memphis, one is often confronted with the concept of home security. The crime rate here is such that most everyone will confront some kind of crime at some time.

I’m curious if any of my ‘net friends have ever experienced a home invasion of some kind. Further, I’m curious as to what your response was. For those who have firearms at home, have you ever thought you’d have to use it for home security? If you have been in some kind of robbery, etc., what would you do differently?

I worry about balancing home safety and home security. My kids aren’t stupid, but it only takes a very simple mistake for a horrible outcome. I can’t fathom not having a gun safe. So, that said, how do you acquire a firearm from a safe and engage a home invader in a reasonable amount of time?

There is a degree of paranoia to all this. I try not to be overly concerned, but I also don’t want to (continue to) be uncautious.

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