Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Again with the Idol

UPDATE: Dean has now got his thoughts up.

Tonight the ladies kicked it up a couple of notches, in comparison to last week. But, there was something lacking in most of the performances. Paris seemed ... flat, or just too comfortable in the role she's made for herself. I have no doubts that she'll continue to next week, but she needs to really challenge herself soon or she may not see many more weeks. Especially when they combine the girls and guys.

The best performance tonight, bar none, was Mandisa's version of I'm Every Woman. She loves the song, you can tell. She just owned it. Very good, very good. I'm not sure I agreed with Randy's "best performance this season" assesment, but it was very good.

Second best ... I think probably Kellie Pickler. She sang Melissa Etheridge's I'm the Only One and did it very well. She didn't have the second best sounding voice of the evening -- or third or fourth for that matter -- but she did have the second best performance. She just sucks your attention to her. Very watchable. If you're not young enough to lust after her, you either feel like she's your little sister or daughter. She's so disarming. I don't know that that'll be enough to carry her to the end, but she's sailing past tonight.

My picks for who's leaving: I am certain that Kinnik Sky is leaving. Unfortunate because I really liked her personality; she just hasn't delivered the goods since finals. Second choice ... that's a bit harder. I believe it's between Melissa McGhee and Ayla Brown. While I really like Melissa's voice and would love to hear some more songs from her, she's probably going to be the one voted off. I think Ayla's got more universal appeal and is just too likeable.


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