Monday, March 13, 2006

Okay, one thing of semi-note...

I almost forgot, my youngest daughter had a test to get into the local magnet school. They recently changed their admission policy and now potential students have to take a kind of test.

We have been trying to get Daughter #1 in this school since the beginning of this school year. They formerly used a lottery system to choose new students as openings became available. They are adding space this year and are accepting a larger number of kids. But, when we got the letter telling us to come out for testing, we thought it was for both kids. But no, only Daughter #2. Which is disappointing. This school has a far better academic program in the K-5th grade than any other local school. And we really wanted our girls going there.

Or so I thought.

You ever go to a place and immediately catch a vibe that is off putting? You know, no one has done or said anything to you, but you are extremely uncomfortable there. This school did that to me. And when the administration began talking to us and explaining that no, only D#2 was being tested, my uneasiness was confirmed. These ladies were beyotches.

The school D#1 is currently attending, conversely, is full of amazingly nice people. The first time I went there, I was amazed at how comfortable I felt walking its halls. Everyone there makes an effort to be nice to you. It's pleasant.

I should make this point now, I am not going to let my inner comfort levels decide where my children go to school. That is, not unless I could put a significant name to why I feel uncomfortable. But D#1 will be going into the excellerated program next year if she stays in her current school. And I really don't want the girls going to different schools. Right now anyway.

I'm torn. I'm thinking we're going to wait and see if any more slots come open and D#1 can get into the magnet school too. But if not, we're putting D#2 into the same school as D#1.

Any suggestions?

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