Thursday, March 09, 2006

Idol liveblog ... sorta

UPDATE: Paul at Wizbang! is looking into his crystal ball.

I'm writing this at commericials while viewing the show ...

Good Lord, Bo Bice sucked.

Kinnik is the first to go. Can't say I'm surprised. I really thought she'd get the lowest votes. However, her performance of the song today is great. The best performance she's given -- ever. Is she sang like this all the time, she might not be going home.

Will's going home too. The only surprise here is that he had lower votes than Kevin. His song sucked again.

What a suck ass commercial break. I knew it'd be down to Ayla and Melissa, just let us know dammit!

Wow! I thought America would get sucker punched by Ayla's cute-factor, but Melissa's going on! I'm very happy about that as she's a personal favorite.

Ayla's crying. First time I've seen her show her age. She is truly amazing though. I think we'll see her again in the future. Her emotion is really effecting her song though ... the cracking voice is kind of killing it.

She pulled it out though, like the competitor she is. Now, let's get Kevin off the friggin' show.

Kevin stays! Damn! Damn them!

America voted ... Gedeon is booted. Well, three out of four ain't bad.

I really, really thought Kevin would be gone. Oh well.

What I really find interesting about this show is the contrast between immediate opinion versus America's voice concerning other pop stars. Sometimes our memories are short and our opinions fickle. With regular pop stars, we speak via record sales. These guys really have to work hard to both give a good performance AND be likeable. Part popularity contest, part talent show. I can't believe how caught up in this I've become. Very good TV, I think.

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