Thursday, March 23, 2006

The House of Sick continues

My family cannot overcome the sick that has invaded our home. The wife came down yesterday with what Daughter #2 and I had over the weekend. Daughter #1 had a bad fit with her asthma, but has overcome that.

D#2 is over her tummy issues, but last night -- about 11 p.m. just as the wife and I were getting to sleep, she breaks in crying about getting a bug bite. CullenWife takes D#2 out and gets ready to hit her with some Dermaplast. Then D#2 starts scratching all over. She takes off her nightshirt and she's covered in hives. Head to freaking toe.

Much antihistamines later, they get to sleep. I thought all was well today, but after I got to work the wife calls me. D#2 has broken out again and they're going to the doctor's office. End result -- no clue what's causing it but monitor it and if she gets worse take her in again.

She's had no new foods, no new clothing, detergents, anything that we can think of. She still looks bad. I hope it's nothing serious.

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