Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Idol thoughts

Well, after a couple of lackluster weeks we really got a treat tonight! It was rough going at first. I wasn't impressed with anyone until Mandisa got on stage, after that things really picked up.

Bucky was probably the biggest surprise of the evening. I thought he was probably going to blow chunks most, but he really delivered.

Most suck performance: Kevin. I mean, wow, that just sucked. And what's with the 'tude, dude? Second most suck: Melissa. Sorry girl, but it just wasn't there.

Best performances in order from fourth best to best: Mandisa, Paris, Taylor and Chris. Mandisa brought it last week, so I wasn't surprised that she did so again tonight. However, I felt that this was Paris' best performance since her audition. Taylor was amazing also, but Chris was the real winner tonight. Simon hit it on the head, he's really the most recording-worthy performer thus far.

However, I still am routing for Taylor. He just keeps getting cooler every week.

I'm not sure how many people go home tomorrow -- just one? I really hope it's Kevin. If not it'll probably be Melissa.

UPDATES: Tracey's got up some thoughts on the performances.

As always, Dean's take is interesting although I don't completely agree. I stick with my original assessment.

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