Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Idol ruminations

I agree with Dean, last night's American Idol episode was the worst of the season.

With three exceptions, the ladies made very poor song choices. Melissa McGhee, Kellie Pickler, and Mandisa were the only ones who picked decent songs and gave enjoyable performances. I disagree with Dean, in that I think Melissa gave the best performance. She got my vote last night, but I was also going to try and cast one for Kellie. American must really love that girl because the phone lines were busy for a solid 30 minutes on her line. I gave up without ever getting through.

Based on this episode, I truly believe that a guy is going to pull off this year's contest. Not just becuase I think Taylor Hicks is awesome, but because the overall talent pool with the guys is much greater.

Speaking of Hicks, don't forget to log in your choice of song in my post below this one.

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