Friday, March 10, 2006

Steve Zahn is the luckiest SOB of this decade...

Image hosting by Photobucket... maybe the past 100 years or so.

I have always liked Steve Zahn. His brand of goofy coolness is very appealing. This story, however, has shot him into the land of legend. He is a god among men.

UPDATE: The link I had up died, here's the story in full:

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in steamy threesome
Friday March 10 2006 16:57 IST

LONDON: Most men would have loved to be in actor Steve Zahn's shoes the day he shot a scene with both Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in the movie 'Bandidas', for he was treated to a threesome with the lovely Latinas in it.

Zahn, who plays a lawyer in the movie which stars Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek as robbers in a Mexican frontier town trying to flee the law, said that his wildest dreams had come true when his co-stars tied him to a bed and teased him to get his help.

"I thought I'd died and gone to heaven," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

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