Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The best years in metal

Two guys you really don't want to ever meet in an alley.Quite some time ago, I posted on what I thought was the best year for music, 1986.

And it's quite the year for Heavy Metal. Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets, and Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying? are three of the heaviest hitters in heavy metal. That year, metal was at its apex, maximum wax. Sure, there was plenty of other bands out there, but if you played guitar, you knew every song off of Master of Puppets within hours of picking it up.

There's another year that figures heavily into the "best of" category: 1992. Pantera leads the charge. Sure, metal is waning by this time, but it ain't going out without a fight. And these guys are our heavyweight champions of the era.

But there were also other bands, title contenders in their own right, who were in the mix. Faith No More released Angel Dust, Dream Theater hits the scene with Images and Words (not their debut, but it might as well have been), King's X released their s/t album, and Megadeth took a bit of a commercial turn with Countdown to Extinction.

What years would you suggest?

Voting is ongoing for the best metal album, but will close o/a 6:30 a.m. EST tomorrow.

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