Friday, July 21, 2006

Poll extension

I have been busy today. Between writing a paper for class tonight (thank you Kali) and regular work, I haven't really had the time to post anything. As evidenced by my lack of hundreds of comments on your blogs.

Anyway, I was thinking about doing this before I got busy, but my schedule just confirmed it for me. I'm extending the voting for the supergroup poll until tomorrow. I will collect the results and post the supergroup final post in the morning if I don't have class, in the afternoon if I do.

Additionally, I wanted to thank everyone for participating and leaving comments. This has been a very fun week for me and has me thinking that I'm probably going to start focusing far more on music posting. I mean, I lead a pretty boring life and it's far more interesting to talk about whether you should fret a power chord with a pinky or not. And tuning in fifths. Loves me some tuning in fifths.

So, keep voting. Keep trucking. And always, always, watch out for zombies.

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