Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nominate again: The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever

Voting is still going on for the Best Heavy Metal Song Ever, but now -- with your appetites whetted -- it's time to start nominating your selections for the Best Ever Heavy Metal Album.

Cliff 'Em Fucking All!I think this will be a little easier than the song nomination/voting process. Rather than trying to pick a single song that best identifies Heavy Metal, we're looking for an album that does the same. However, there is one rule I'm setting in place: No compilation albums (Sabbath's We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Roll, Megadeth's Hidden Treasures, or any of those Metal Blade compilation albums that came out in the '80s), but live albums are fine. Beyond that, everything's fair game.

What I'm really looking for here are strong albums, albums that work together to become greater than the sum of its parts. There are several good metal albums out there that have one or two good songs on them. There are very few Slayer - Reign In Blood albums out there.

I've already given my first nomination there: Reign in Blood. My second should be pretty obvious also: Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power. Those are mine, what have you got for me?

So, friends new and old, put your thinking caps on and let's get to nominating! I will close nominations and open voting on or about Noon EST.

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