Saturday, July 08, 2006

Caption this!

Caption winners from July 1:

1. While Koizumi prepares for White House karaoke night and his Elvis imitation, President Bush wonders if Tony Blair and the boys will be doing their Beatles set. - KG from Cagey Mind.

2. Don't masquerade on a blithe Kincaid, oh no! - Nightfly

3. My future's so bright I gotta wear shades. - Ken from It Comes in Pints?

Thank you for your entries, folks. Remember, the more captions I get, the fewer get picked.

This week's entry:

Somebody. Somebody put something in my drink.

Original cutline: The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, N.J.

Now, I KNOW there's a better cutline out there than that.

Winners will be announced next Saturday, July 15.

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