Thursday, February 23, 2006

Idol murmurings

Last night's Idol was superior to Tuesdays.

Not that I don't like the female contestants. When it boils down to who's best, I think the women have the edge. But the reason last night's comp. was better was because the men have some real talent across the board. There is going to be some tough decisions later on, it will be interesting to see which six progress.

The three I know, and want to progress are Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Ace Young. They all gave great performances and all have the potential to be stars. Not just American Idol stars, but I think they could transcend the medium, if given the opportunity. But the only one out of that three who really made a good song choice last night was Chris.

Talor ... I want him to win. I like him the best out of any contestant. But I don't think, when it's down to him and Paris or Lisa or Katharine, he's going to make it. Man. I want to hear this guy sing with BB King or Eric Clapton. There is already a great future for him, I think, even if he doesn't progress past tonight.

That's my two cents anyway.

UPDATE: Dean's got a good post up also.

UPDATE the second: Tracy seconds the Hicks.

UPDATE the third: You can download some of Taylor Hicks' pre-Idol songs here. I revise my assessment. This guy rocks solid. I think he's gonna go all the way. (h/t Bill from INDC Journal commenting at Dean's).

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