Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Linear vs. non-linear learning

I have no cases to back this up, just my own experience, but doesn't it seem like learning is enhanced when classes are presented in a logical progression?

I am in classes again. I am trying to finish my degree and move on to the Master's program. The class I am in is difficult. Not the subject matter, but the way it is being presented.

We're not progressing linearly. The professor is pulling information from all over the place to fit an idea he's presenting that has no apparent logical end. It wouldn't make much difference if was an easy flowing, assignment in a couple of weeks kind of thing, but the dude assigned a HEAVY workload and we have much due our next class session (Friday). Problem is, no one has much clue as to what to do or how to do it.

Sad thing is, the class is about developing courses for adult education.

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