Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey Mr. Driver Man, Don't Drive Slow ...

'Cause I got somewhere I gotta go.

- Waiting For the Bus
made me not shuffle and go directly to
- 36-24-36
made me go directly to
- Dance, Motherf***er, Dance!
made me go directly to
- American Music
made me go directly to
- Add It Up

It's amazing how much I love music but how some music can make me feel so maudlin. I loved the Violent Femmes. Still do, in a different way, but you ever listen to a band that you haven't in years and it brings back a rush of memories. Memories of unfulfilled, half-planned dreams. The Violent Femmes is the soundtrack of my failed ambition.

Nothing particulaly poignant about their stuff. Just happened to be listening to a lot of them at a particularly enthusiastic period of youthful zeal. Sometimes shuffle sucks.

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