Saturday, November 15, 2008

Genius 5

And speaking of Greg Ginn ...

What can be added to the things that have already been said about Greg Ginn? I find that you either love or hate his stuff. There's really no in between. Some of his earlier work with Black Flag in more conventional, but his later stuff really showed what he wanted to be doing. It's definitely avant garde playing, and that's not for everyone.

The thing that strikes me, and what took me a while to get into Ginn's work, is that it's not pleasant to listen to. It doesn't follow traditional rhythms. It doesn't follow traditional melody patterns. It's abrasive. But that's exactly what Ginn and Black Flag were doing with their music -- being abrasive to the world.

Now, if you go to Youtube and search for Ginn, you'll find a lot of his Texas Corrugators stuff and I find that to be far more listenable, from a jazz perspective. But I think that's just his own maturity as a person coming through. His earlier work was his emotional soundtrack.

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