Sunday, November 23, 2008

Urine trouble

We're currently in Biloxi visiting family for a few days. One of the stops we always make is to the outlet mall in Gulfport. At this mall there is a small playground for the kids. It's a sandpit with one big jungle gym.

So, we stopped there and the kids and I hung out at the playground while J-Mom went to the kitchen store. The kids took their time climbing on stuff and playing in the sand. While I was busy with Bo on one side of the gym, Daughter Number 1 was trying to climb down a rock wall on the other side. I went over and watch her and then she slips and some of the hand/footholds catch one of her legs. She was in a lot of pain and was just crying like mad. She sat for a moment and then gets up and starts climbing again. "I guess you're not that hurt," I said.

Then I went and started playing with Bo again. I helped him climb up a couple of times and he went down the slide a couple of times. Then I helped him again and he started climbing up to the top slide and just stopped on the stairs. Next thing I know there's a stream of fluid falling from him.


We had just gone to the bathroom. The kid had just peed a huge amount. Yet here, in front of God and everyone, he decides is a good place to have an accident. It was frustrating. But we recovered.

One of the most annoying things he's picked up on is something that makes you feel real bad. As soon as he's done something wrong he backs away from me, looking up with puppy dog eyes and says, "You gonna 'pank me?" It is a heartcrack moment. But he's learned what it does and plays it to his advantage now.

We picked him up a new pair of pants and socks at the Children's Place and put him in a pull-up. Later we went and saw Bolt in Disney 3-D and it was great. It was made all the better by the 3-D. Looks like they're coming out with a bunch of movies in this new digital 3-D format and that's going to be great.

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