Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maybe a hero, probably not

I seldom remember my dreams. When I do, they're usually pretty lucid. Often, they make some kind of weird sense, but last night was not the case. In this dream, I was supposed to meet up with Hiro and Ando from the show Heroes. I was meeting them on Okinawa, but I was driving from my house outside of Memphis. I remember driving down familiar roads and taking some exit off the road and suddenly ... POOF!, I'm in Okinawa.

However, I was supposed to meet Hiro and Ando at a landmark near my house, so I totally blew them off. I got to the meeting point -- a military get-together at Naha Military Port -- and tried to call them, but couldn't get through. Maybe I'm trying to write myself in to the new season. My super power would be creating teleportation portals off of highways for the vehicle in which I'm driving. Or not.

What was weird was that Okinawa was both a mixture of what I remember from there and like some world map from a Final Fantasy game -- oversaturated, fantastical scenery.

My brain is odd.

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