Thursday, January 01, 2009

A year older. Not a year wiser. Maybe even a year dumber.

My birthday is in two days, that's how I mark my new years. I don't think too much about reflecting back on the past year in the traditional context of New Year's Eve as I do in the birthday sense of things. See, on the one - traditional New Year's Eve - I think you reflect back on the things you've accomplished over the year and whether or not you made any progress in areas in which you're desiring to make progress.

From a birthday perspective, I think you look back on whether or not you've grown as a person. I don't know, maybe the two perspectives can be similar, but I think birthdays tend to make you think about that overall growth you've made over your life.

So that's how I've always viewed the new year. And while I have made some pretty decent professional strides, personally I feel pretty down. Two surgeries, for the same thing, have me feeling kind of down about my personal growth.

But in the interest of the new year, here's a quiz:

You Remember 90% of 2008

You were paying attention during 2008.
And you remember what happened really well.
You'll be able to talk about 2008 for years to come...
Even when most people have forgotten what went down.

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