Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The WWE has earned my respect

How weird a title is that, huh? I mean, it's bogus, over-the-top hyper inflammatory nonsense, right? Well, last night WWE had a tribute to the troops where WWE wrestlers traveled to Afghanistan to visit the military folks there and put on a show at my former deployed post, Bagram Air Base. Although they misidentified it as Bagram Air Force Base throughout the program. They're civilians, I'll get over it.

This even further proved something to me. If someone or some organization is willing to really get out there and bring some recreation to the troops, I am very willing to forgive. Politicians don't really fit into this chain of thought with me because they have an agenda. I guess the WWE did also, but there is a significant difference.

There are a couple of other incidents where someone's position on the military has changed my way of thinking. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is one such product. Great ice cream, but once I read a couple of stories where Ben Cohen lashed out against the Defense Department. I immediately stopped buying Ben and Jerry's and have suggested to everyone I know to do the same (here's a recent reference if you're interested). I mean, I understand -- each to their own and all, but I don't have to support you. Another incident: I bought my first computer from Circuit City as well as some other items. I got screwed on the credit. While I was in Okinawa, I was late with some payments because typhoons caused mail to be late. Cicuit City was in no way understanding. I had so many charges from them, we wound up going through a debt consolidation agency for that very reason. However, once the War on Terror kicked off, Circuit City was first on the ground in the electronics industry offering free DVD recorders for families to send video messages to their military members and vice versa. Circuit City gets most of my major electronic purchase dollars now.

Businesses, regardless of size need to start thinking about more than the bottom line. How you treat me is one thing. How you treat those who protect us all is a huge thing.

I digress, back to wrestling ...

I used to be a huge fan of wrestling when I was a kid. Hulk Hogan was king. Roddy Piper was a bad guy. Mr. T was showing up all the time. Cyndi Lauper was singing and Lou Albano was her mentor. In my young heart, it was inspiring to see good and bad portrayed in such absolutes. But time passed and it became less entertaining. That changed last night. The WWE has my gratitude and support. I know how much it meant to the guys on the ground to have that. These folks will never really know what it meant.

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