Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween Pt. 2

We've been having some fun the past couple of days with Halloween stuff. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Halloween used to only be one day a year? Things started jumping around here Friday night.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA few places around town were holding Halloween events, but the largest and the one we attended was the "Boo at the Zoo." It's a meager-sized place and the event was okay. I felt a bit gipped having to pay $3 per person, but the kids had fun, so I guess that's what really mattered.

We met up with some friends from church there. They had these dancing monster things around the park. Well, one of our friend's kids walked right up behind this skeleton here and pushed some kind of button that collapsed his legs. It was hilarious. Funniest part of the evening.

Anyway, the kids got candy and we all had a decent time. The event started at 6:30ish, I believe, and we got there shortly after it started. There were already a few cars there. But when we were leaving, about an hour or so later, the lines to get into the place off the highway were backed up both north and southbound. It was horrible. We were very glad we got there when we did.

Last night was "trunk or treat" at my wife's church. Every Halloween the LDS churches have this. Not because they believe Halloween is evil, rather, it helps alleviate concerns over where the candy is coming from. People park in the church parking lot, open their trunks (some decorate) and hand out candy to the kids as they walk by from car to car. Pretty neat stuff, really.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAt the zoo, both of my girls dressed as Disney characters. My oldest went as Sleeping Beauty, my youngest as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Last night, my youngest did the same, but my oldest let me dress her up as a zombie.

Now, I'm kind of paranoid about putting pics of my children on the internet, so please pardon the extreme crops. I was pretty pleased with how the makeup came out so I'm kind of pimping her cool costume and her faith in her father's ability to do some cool stuff.

In this photo I'm trying to illustrate a facial wound. The problem is that my camera sucks, I didn't use fill flash and this was taken at the end of the night. It's kind of a neat effect, but earlier in the evening there was more dark make up around so it looked raw and bruised. It was neat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe thing I was most proud of was probably the bruising around her throat. To get that cool effect, I rubbed a bunch of makeup on my left hand and put it on her throat to simulate a choking. It was a spur of the moment idea and I'm surprised it turned out so well. Loved it.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with how her makeup came out, even though I was having to use cheap crud. The facial wound was done with "scar skin" which I hate. It's like working with gum. Horrible. Had I planned better, I would have bought all liquid make up and plumber's putty for the wounds. The putty works better than anything.

So, there's Monday ... but instead of going "real" trick or treating, there's a Halloween event at a local Baptist church (a HUGE event) and we're going to that instead. No costumes 'cause the Baptists really do believe that Halloween is evil.
Oh well.

UPDATE: Apparently, slickdpdx is on the same wavelength. Zombies are the theme. Make sure to visit the sites as there is some great stuff there!

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