Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The top 10 '90s sitcoms

According to Askmen.com are:

10. Home Improvement
9. 3rd Rock From the Sun
8. NewsRadio
7. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
6. Married ... With Children
5. Roseanne
4. Drew Carey
3. Frasier
2. Friends
1. Seinfeld

No real surprises here, and I don't really disagree with anything. I can't really think of something I'd throw on there that's not included. Which makes me realize that no matter how nostalgic I get for the 90s, they weren't as good as I remember.

I mean, come on ... a list that includes Fresh Prince and Roseanne? And I can't argue with them being on the list. They're iconic. But they also had a high degree of suck about them. Man, I'm glad I had the Sci-Fi channel for most of the 90s.

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