Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Miers, Dem opportunies, et al.

This started as a reply to Mike at WunderKraut, but I decided to give it its own space here.

I'd have to say the most articulate I've been on Miers is, "I was disappointed."

Mike's post is good because it says exactly what I feel. Both about Miers and the Dem's opportunites.

We conservatives can bitch all day, all year, that the things happening to our party isn't fair. We can bitch about how Katrina response and suffering there was in now way Bush's fault. We can bitch about what's happening to Frist and De Lay. We can bitch about how Miers my be a perfectly suitable nominee.

But it accomplishes nothing. The perception exists. We cannot change what they think. Our entire PR stance, thus far, during this four year term has been horrible. We adotped a together we stand, divided we fall approach and it is weakening the entire party. Don't get me started on the fact that we're spending money as though we were democrats ourselves.

People in this country could care less if you are right. That bears repeating ... people in this country could care less if you are right. They want concern. Compassion. Apology. And Acceptance. Bush could have done exactly the same things he has up to this point, but if he'd been on TV talking about how he understands the needs of the American people and feels for all of them and how ANY appearance of an ethical violation might as well be a violation, then things would be very different today.

Appearance becomes reality in the MSM and it's about to get very real for the republican party.

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